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As the general trend seems to aim towards serving everyone the same dish, many chefs no longer desire to make people discover new tastes.


However San Loco cooks up a huge mix of avoursome and tasteful new sets for those connoisseurs of new cuisine. San Loco throws all kinds of ingredients into his mix, taking you on a huge tour of house and club music but also encompassing House music, Trap, hip-hop and soul.


Nothing is left out. He takes a real pleasure in honing and perfecting new, creative and daring menus for each event he hosts, while ensuring that all produce is authentic and top quality. This multi-skilled DJ makes a di erence thanks to his fresh outlook, his love for music, technical maitrise and a strong desire to share it all with his audience. He took the residence of Jean Roch's VIP ROOM for three years, taking him to Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez and Dubaï where he performed alongside Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, A$ap Rocky, Rae Sremmurd, Swizz Beatz, DJ Snake, Diplo ...


In 2016, he joined the label Ichigo, where he produced his first remix "Lost without U" by Robin Thicke. You can find its universe through its various podcasts, where its flavors will make you travel to each listening. San Loco transforms ordinary music into a real experience and guarantees to overwhelm all five of your senses.


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